1966 Eagle

 Photo by Brandon Gillogly

Below are pictures of the Eagle in restoration and after

It’s not often that two historic Eagles are on the track at the same time. Here is another view of the 1967 AAR Eagle Gurney-Weslake during some demo laps at the Velocity Invitational. @velocityinvitational @gunnarjeannette #revsinstitute #v12 #aar #lagunaseca #velocityinvitational

Appearing at the Rolex Montery Motorsports Reunion in California, the 1966 Eagle made its after restoration appearance and was a hit.   Bobby Rahal, 3 time Indy Car Champion at the WatherTech Raceway in Laguna Seca, showed off his latest project. (https://www.speedwaydigest.com/index.php/news/racing-news/64014-historic-indy-cars-lining-up-for-featured-exhibition-at-rolex-monterey-motorsports-reunion-aug-12-15)

It’s exciting to see such a piece of grand machinery hit the raceway with such speed and grace.